Is 2022 The Year Of Black Men?

They are sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews, friends, co-workers and members of our community. Yet, America’s Black male population is rarely defined by these relationships. Instead, their narrative and imagery have been shaped by the media’s negative perception of their existence based solely on fallacy, stereotypes and unconscious bias. 

This false framing has created societal harms that will take decades to rectify. It has also raised inherent barriers to Black male economic progress, success and access to the American Dream. As such, the turn of a new year has introduced a critical question: will false perceptions of African-American men prevail, or will attempts to expose the truth and reclaim positive narratives overcome the odds?

It is in this backdrop that the work of D. John Jackson, Darryl Pitts, and Taroue Brooks has emerged. Their recently released documentary , “What About Me” has been part of a movement to redefine the true image of Black men. Told from the voices of Black men from different walks of life, strips and ZIP codes, the documentary gives voice to the genuine relationships that should define Black men. Continue Reading



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