Black Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Ohio Police Officers Of Detaining Him

Another day, another story about cops who apparently had negro magnets implanted inside them when they received their badges and guns.

Either that or they’re just racist.

Eric Lindsay of Liberty Township, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit against a Meijer grocery store and two West Chester police officers he accused of racially profiling him and detaining him illegally on  Jan. 29, 2021, while the officers were looking for a shoplifting suspect, Fox 19 reported.

According to Lindsay’s attorney, one of the officers told him he fit the description of the suspect—which, at this point, I’m convinced is a line in the Po-Po Instruction Manual for what to do when a cop just really has the blue urge to detain a Black person for no reason. “You fit the description” is an excerpt in the Profiling Cop Bible, verse 12, section 5-0. Continue Reading



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