Don’t let firms get away with greenwashing bluster | Letters

George Harding-Rolls says false marketing should not be tolerated and Julian Crane makes a case for worldwide boycotts of guilty companies. Plus letters from Neil Blackshaw and Bill Jackson

Emma Thompson’s recent article on greenwashing (Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it, 2 August) rightly points out how fossil fuel companies have delayed and deceived us for decades with their false promises. The bluster of greenwash reaches far beyond the oil and gas industry, however, and pervades a vast number of sectors, collectively blinding us to the scale of change needed and obscuring where the true solutions lie.

Last year, outside London Fashion Week (without permission) we launched our website,, which highlights the vast array of greenwashing tactics used by the fashion industry, and we have since added examples from plastics and packaging. By seeing examples “in the wild” we hope to help citizens, company employees and policymakers learn to become super-detectors for greenwashing.

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