Candace Owens Goes On Transphobic Rant Over Dr. Rachel Levin–Tucker

Conservative political pundit Candace Owens wasn’t happy with USA Today’s decision to honor transgender Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levin as one of the nominees for the 2022 Women of the Year award.

While speaking with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on March. 15, the Daily Wire podcast host lit into the publication’s choice to honor, Levin, who in March 2021, became the nation’s first openly transgender federal health official.

‘Whats a woman? I’m confused. I don’t know what a woman is anymore. It is funny and pointedly ridiculous. It gets back to what I always say about progressives which is that they’re always so progressive that they are actually just regressive,right? Owens began her fiery rant.

“It’s the same with feminism,” she continued. “With early feminism, we were trying to create a space for women that was separate from men. We wanted women’s sports and for them to compete differently. We have women that train all the way from the time that they’re kids up through college to try to compete against other women. Now you can throw on a wig and say ‘Actually, I am a woman too’ and you can crush all of their records because it is so progressive it is actually regressive! or actually erasing women.” Continue Reading



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