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Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry Seeks Justice For Black Employees Injured at Tyson Foods - The Fitting Room | Consumer Marketing

Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry Seeks Justice For Black Employees Injured at Tyson Foods

Civil rights activist Essie Berry says that Tyson Foods Inc. in Waterloo, Iowa appears to be allowing people of color to be violated leading to emotional and mental trauma associated with depression in employees who have suffered from serious injuries while working. She also says that they are also denying employees who have been traumatized and suffering from mental health issues that are directly connected to their work.

A Black woman was reportedly severely burned and ended up with third-degree burns to her back that happened directly in front of another employee and traumatized him. The next day following this incident, she was reportedly ordered to return back to work. Tyson is also alleging that the company is pressuring employees that have been diagnosed and evaluated by professionals such as a psychiatrist and therapist to return to work while not fully recovering from their injuries and trauma.

Employees have reached out to Mrs. Berry sharing their personal experiences of malicious treatment of employees. Several employees have shared how they have been mistreated by management & supervisors when they were injured in their specific jobs. Employees explained that they have had severe injuries such as body part replacements, broken & fractured bones, and some have been given an ultimatum to return to work while not fully recovered from their injuries or risk being fired. Mr. Washington is an employee who was threatened to be cut off workers compensation while still being mentally and physically impaired. Tyson appears to have no remorse for their employees or their feelings. Continue Reading



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