For Black Voters Electoral Accountability Starts with the Democratic Primaries

St. Louis organizer Kayla Reed urges Black voters to use Democratic primary elections as a chance for holding officials accountable.

The leaked draft Supreme Court decision on abortion confirmed what many of us already knew – the Court will not protect or save us. And based on the reaction from some in the White House and Congress, the Democratic Party won’t either unless we hold them accountable. Black people have a chance to hold elected officials accountable during the 2022 primary.   

Republicans have shown that they are willing to do anything to keep white supremacy firmly in its place. Governors like Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and Brian Kemp are actively working to not only take away abortion rights and deny access. They’ve attacked voting rights, further criminalized Black protest, and rolled back protections for Black women and transgender, gender nonconforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people. 


States like Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas all have trigger laws that would go into effect immediately once Roe v. Wade is overturned. Such laws will criminalize and harm our communities. Knowing this, the only response out of Washington is more lectures about the behavior of people who are being terrorized by their government.  

This speaks to the harmful, complacent pattern we’ve seen from Democrats since taking the majority. Democrats failed to increase the minimum wage. Democrats failed to enshrine Roe in federal legislation. They have been unable to pass any meaningful policies that address the police violence that persist in this country.  Continue Reading



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