Giuliani Reportedly In Charge Of Fake Electors Who Filed Fake Certificates For Trump


This is “not protected speech,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. “It’s an attack on the very fabric of our system of government.”

Donald Trump acolyte and former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani coordinated the filing of forged election certificates by slates of fake Republican electors in five states for the 2020 presidential race, The Washington Post and CNN reported Thursday.

Now Democrats are investigating if crimes were committed as part of the operation and how closely Trump may have been involved in the plot. Trump had openly encouraged an “alternate electors” scheme after he went down to defeat in the 2020 election.

Officials in some of the states have referred information about the operation to federal prosecutors.

The Republican electors declared themselves “duly elected and qualified,” and sent signed certificates to Washington claiming to affirm Trump as the winner in five states he had actually lost — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, the Post noted. All the states had legitimate Democratic electors for Joe Biden, reflecting residents’ votes. Continue Reading



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