Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine-Or-Test Rule For Workers At Large Businesses

It’s a big blow to the administration’s coronavirus vaccination campaign, at a time when cases are surging.

The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration from enforcing its emergency rulemandating that workers at large businesses get vaccinated or undergo regular testing for COVID-19, a major setback for the president’s national vaccination effort.


However, the court decided to allow the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate for health care workers at federally funded facilities.


The justices’ decision to intervene and halt one of the vaccine regulations has major public health implications amid a surge in coronavirus cases due to the omicron variant. The White House hoped the rule, issued through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, would protect workers against COVID-19 transmission and encourage holdouts to get vaccinated.


The justices ruled 6-3 in favor of halting OSHA’s vaccine-or-test rule, with the court’s six conservatives in the majority and the three liberals dissenting. They ruled 5-4 in favor of letting the health care rule proceed, with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh breaking with their conservative colleagues to join the liberals. Continue Reading



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