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Youth Athletes Enduring Extreme Heat An Overlooked Area Of Environment - The Fitting Room | Consumer Marketing

Youth Athletes Enduring Extreme Heat An Overlooked Area Of Environment

Texas A&M professors Jessica R. Murfree and Natasha Brison write about the increasing risks of youth atheltes and extreme heat.

At least 50 high school football players in the U.S. have died from heat stroke after falling ill on the field in the past 25 years. And youth athletes in other sports are not immune from the risks – female cross-country athletes are twice as likely to suffer from heat-related illnesses as athletes in any other high school sport.

The numbers are especially shocking when you consider that heat-related illnesses and deaths are entirely preventable. While sports equipment has improved over time to protect against concussions, young players and college athletes are facing increasing risks from rising heat.

We study sports ecology and legal aspects of sports. With summer temperatures rising, we believe many youth sports leagues and school districts will need to aggressively update their practice rules and heat policies to keep their players safe. We suggest particular attention be paid to low-income, minority neighborhoods and regions that can get excessively hot. Continue Reading



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