Are You Self-Gaslighting? Here’s How To Spot The Destructive Behavior.

If you ever find yourself discrediting your emotions or questioning your memories, these tips can help.
After facing a conflict, Brittany Beringer notices she does two things: dismiss her feelings, and convince herself she overreacted. When she feels vulnerable, this reaction intensifies.

“In the past, I’d tolerate hurtful behavior because I somehow allow myself to believe the situation or action wasn’t as bad as it was,” said Beringer, an astrology writer at Bustle who lives in San Diego. “And it happens when I’m most vulnerable, when I’m reflecting and doing inner work, because assessing your responses is important for growth.”

Beringer’s experience is common. Anushree Saxena, a freelance lifestyle content and copywriter and YouTuber, said she sees herself as a failure — in both her personal and professional life. She convinces herself no one likes her and that jobs she wants are above her capabilities. Continue Reading



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