Fury over ‘forever chemicals’ as US states spread toxic sewage sludge

Regulators allow states to continue spreading sludge even as PFAS-tainted substance has ruined livelihoods and poisoned water

States are continuing to allow sewage sludge to be spread on cropland as fertilizer and in some cases increasing the amount spread, even as the PFAS-tainted substance has ruined farmers’ livelihoods, poisoned water supplies, contaminated food and put the public’s health at risk.

Michigan and Maine are the only two states in the US to widely test sludge, and regulators in each say contamination was found in all tested samples. Still, in recent months, officials in Virginia increased the amount of sludge permitted to be spread on farmland without testing for PFAS, while Alabama regulators have rejected residents’ and environmental groups’ pleas to test sludge for the chemicals.

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(SOURCE) https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/sep/19/us-states-toxic-sewage-sludge-pfas-farmers


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