Jon Stewart Takes on Anti-Trans Politician in Season 2 Premiere of “The Problem with Jon Stewart”

Award winning host, writer, producer, director, and advocate Jon Stewart is taking on some of the world’s most controversial topics, using comedy and common sense. His new talk show series The Problem with Jon Stewart features tough, topical, and culture-moving conversations from the perspectives of stakeholders, experts, and individuals confronting these issues.

The second season of The Problem with Jon Stewart premieres October 7th on Apple TV+ with an episode titled “The War Over Gender.” In it, Stewart unravels the divided perceptions of sex and gender and takes a deep dive into the facts behind gender affirming care.

Stewart starts by setting the scene for his audience. “Anti-trans legislation increased 800%.” He then jokes, “What, did trans people storm the Capitol?” 

Among a highly knowledgeable panel of trans activists, including Chase Strangio, Transgender Justice Attorney at the ACLU, and Dr. Joshua Safer, an Endocrinologist, Stewart also talks to a nine eyed creature with wings and horns depicting God to get his take. Yes… God. “What do you think, I, God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth and calzones, only created two genders?” God asks sarcastically.

On a more serious note, Stewart speaks with the experts and parents about how they’ve seen “gender affirming care have a reduction in suicide,” and how politicians are “taking away the ability of parents to give their children live-saving care.” 

Then, Stewart does what all advocates for the community need to be doing; he confronts someone on the other side. Stewart sits down with Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to talk about the state’s ban on transgender children receiving gender-affirming medical care. Rutledge starts to spew statistics about transgender children not needing medical treatment for their dysphoria and Stewart shuts her down immediately by saying, “Wow. That’s an incredibly made-up figure.” 

Tune in to learn more about “The War over Gender.” The second season premiere of The Problem with Jon Stewart is available now on Apple TV+.

October 7, 2022



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