‘I’m Not That Christian’: Nikki Giovanni Sounds Off

Legendary poet, author and activist Nikki Giovanni recently sat down for an interview with New York Times journalist David Marchese where the 78-year-old icon shared her thoughts, her ideological views and her faith, among other things. Now, if you’re familiar with the Black Feeling, Black Talk writer then you know when Giovanni answers a question, Giovanni answers a question. In fact, she even admitted to Marchese during the interview that “people don’t like to ask me questions, because I give long answers.”

And she does—she gives long answers. But she also gives the right answers.

So when the subject came to the subject of Kenosha shooter and right-wing killer bae hero Kyle Rittenhouse, Giovanni didn’t bother mincing words—she told it like it is and said all the things rational people have been saying, albeit with significantly more elegance. Continue Reading

(SOURCE) https://newsone.com/4268461/nikki-giovanni-addresses-kyle-rittenhouse/


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